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Turkish vs. Espresso coffee

Here at Gypsy Alchemist we favor flavor, and nothing's better than something made by hand. Remember grandma's cookies, they always tasted better than anyone else's! I think it's the maker's loving energy that makes it so special. This is why our Turkish coffee is made by hand using the oldest brewing method: decoction. It has been called different names in different regions and has evolved over the years. In order to keep up with our demanding quick serve lifestyle the handmade coffee was replaced by machines, not necessarily for the greater good, in my opinion.

Turkish coffee starts at the coffee bean, with a light roast and a super-fine grind to the consistency of flour. In comparison, espresso is ground to the consistency of table salt and is made with pressurized hot water. With Turkish coffee, water is added to the grounds and heated over a heat source. Here at Gypsy Alchemist we use a traditional sand brewer (check out our next blog post on sand brewing!). The reason Turkish coffee starts off with a light roast rather than a darker roast like its espresso counter part is that as you are warming the liquid the finely ground beans are actually roasting to the medium/dark roast. The final product is a rich, velvety, non-bitter cup of deliciousness! Another thing to keep in mind is that Turkish coffee has a higher temp than espresso and the standard cup size is 2-3 fl oz. (60-70ml). The saying "the more the merrier" does not apply here! Perhaps better suited is, "good things come in small packages". It is meant to be sipped slowly and to last for a long time over relaxed conversations, giving you an opportunity to sit down and have a chat with someone you care about when you might not otherwise get the chance. You can also drink it alone for a break from your job, from the worries of the world, returning with a mind refreshed and invigorated.

We are looking forward to serving you light and love in a cup! See you soon...

If you are inspired and want to learn more, here is a great short documentary about Turkish coffee.

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