Spiced Chai

1202 Camino Del Mar Suite B

Del Mar, CA 92014

Soft Opening hours are:
7:30am-4:30pm Daily
Grand Opening with full menu coming soon!




We believe drinking teas and coffees should be a ceremony, a nourishment for your mind and body. Our space feels like an exotic caravan, with eclectic items from around the world brought together. Drawing on the feminine organic flow of Art Nouveau, we bring a lively sensuality to the colors and textures in our shop.  As our drinks blend Eastern and Western ingredients so does the space, with Middle Eastern decor side by side with Indian carved furniture. The Bohemian Alchemist is an oasis from the everyday, a place to enjoy life's riches,

one cup at a time. 




Owner/founder Sarah Jaeger

Sarah has a bohemian soul, full of contagious freedom.  From a career in the wellness industry for over 13 years, ranging from owning her wellness center and yoga studio to operating a yoga consulting practice, she has empathy for the needs of others.  "I love the bohemian mindset--traveling through regions and picking up culture, music, and cuisine along the way.  Playing with flavors and ingredients is my alchemy.  To take simple raw ingredients and magically weave together flavors and experiences, that’s what I love to share with people." With restorative teas, unique coffee beverages, and house made sweets, I want to provide an oasis to nourish, replenish and connect.  

Coffee and Croissants


1202 Camino Del Mar, Suite B

Del Mar, CA 92014


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